Playing: New Love (Spotify Sessions) - Dua Lipa

[Verse 1]
Now it's getting quiet here, now it's getting blue
And this baby ain't no fair, taking up my youth
You've been telling me some lies, I be thinking it's the truth
But I see it in your eyes, the things that you do

I don't wanna waste no time all alone
Want somewhere to go, something to call my own
And I ain't satisfied
Where to go?
Lost out on the road, washed up on the shore

And I've been through mountains and seas
Tryna get you to come back to me
And I've been far, and I've been so deep
Now I find it harder and harder to breathe
And I need some new love
New love, new love

[Verse 2]
Even though I've run away, I still come back
No there's nothing more to say, it's all been said
I've been trying to explain the things we had
To all of my friends who say that I've gone mad

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